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Important notice:  Our web address has moved to www.vumicro.com

VUMIE 2012 is the product of Intuitive Systems, Inc.  It was created as a "flight simulator" for the Microbiology lab, a simulation that requires the same heads-on, hands-on effort students must master in the wetlab.  Its uses range from providing meaningful practice for microbiology students, to a means for testing student proficiencies in micro lab skills and knowledge, to a basic component of many online and hybrid microbiology labs taught world-wide.

Building on the strengths of the original product, VUMicro™ 3.11, product VUMIE 2012 provides the following additional features and enhancements:

  • New features, like "Save the Patient", "Creating Scientific Posters", and updated tests and graphics.
  • Inclusion of "Lab Safety" discussion in the updated and improved online "Help" system. 
  • Extensive video-based tutorials for basic lab skills.
  • One-click submission of pdf lab reports to instructors.
  • Special "Admin Console" software is provided free to allow instructors to customize student assignments.
  • Support for Windows® and Mac® and coming soon... Linux®.
  • Automatically installs updates to keep the software current and trouble-free.
The software comes with a free laboratory manual -Micro Digital Media™ 3/e - that covers bacterial anatomy and physiology, identification of bacteria, rapid ID systems, medical and clinical microbiology, and preparing scientific posters. It even provides instructions for how the software can be used to host a Fantasy Microbiology League to stoke those competitive juices and have some fun with the bacterial ID process.  Visit our Student Resource page for VUMIE 2012 to download this free resource.

Software, lab manual, and instructor management software all for less than half the cost of a typical microbiology lab manual.  

  • 165 MB of hard drive space for installation
  • Each student must purchase a serial number to create and activate their account.  
  • A web browser and Internet connection are necessary for downloading the software and also when the software is being used.
  • Instructor use of the Admin Console is NOT required for students to use the software.

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